Assignment #1: Personal Social Media Monitoring Blog

Zack Plutzer
3 min readJan 31, 2021


The platforms that I use on a daily basis are Twitter, Instagram, and TikTok. I primarily use Twitter and Instagram to remain informed about my various passions such as music, sports, business, media, fashion, and entertainment. All of the content on my Twitter account is focused on business, sports, media, fashion, entertainment, and music. However, on Instagram, I also follow my friends and have their posts on my feed. I primarily use TikTok for entertainment and to watch videos that make me laugh. Recently, I have begun spending more time on Twitter than any other platform. I find the most interesting content comes from insightful Twitter threads and various conversations on specific topics that I find interesting.

When I go to check social media early in the day it is typically in order to catch up on any news that I might have missed while I was sleeping. As the day goes on, my reason for checking social media slowly evolves to boredom and looking for something to do. Additionally, whenever I receive a notification about major news in any sector that I find interesting I automatically go to Twitter in order to see how everyone is reacting to the news. I find that my reason for checking social media is usually out of boredom or because I want to see how individuals are reacting to a specific story.

During my social media monitoring, I noticed that the first thing that I do in the morning is check social media. Additionally, I noticed that the last thing I do at night is check social media. My day both starts and ends with social media. This has an incredible impact on the way I see the world. Prior to doing this monitoring, I didn’t truly realize how much I consume social media throughout my day. Another personal social media habit that I noticed is that I have a tendency to stay off my phone for extended periods of time. During class and Zoom sessions I typically leave my phone in my bag to avoid being distracted. This is something that I didn’t realize was a habit until I did this monitoring. I tend to consume social media for extended periods and then also stay off of it for extended periods.

Most of my time spent on Twitter is related to sports or the business of sport. I have found a few individuals who share incredibly insightful threads on Twitter about various aspects of sport business. Additionally, I follow publications such as Sportico, SBJ, Front Office Sports, and Forbes that consistently post articles related to sport business. In addition to sport business, I follow accounts that discuss businesses similar to sports such as music, media, and entertainment. I follow similar accounts on Instagram; however, I also follow my personal friends and accounts beyond sport business on that account. During my personal social media monitoring, I didn’t purchase anything due to a social media post or ad. In the past, I have used Instagram shop to purchase a sweatshirt from Uninterrupted.

While monitoring my social media these two days it was fascinating to see how my habits on social media differ between applications and how I have curated my content based on my passions. I look forward to learning more about social media this semester and the ways it influences sports consumption.