Assignment #3: Sports Social Media Branding

Zack Plutzer
3 min readMar 26, 2021


The five words I would use to describe the Paris Saint-German brand prior to looking at their social media accounts are elite, striking, exciting, innovative, and relevant. Through this blog post, I will analyze how Paris Saint-German demonstrates its brand on social media. Additionally, I will determine which five words I would use to describe the PSG brand if I were to only look at their social media accounts.

When looking at the PSG social media accounts it is clear that they have consistency in their brand identity. They focus their posts on game footage and highlight their top players. One example of this post can be seen here. PSG does a great job of utilizing the personalities of their players to create authentic content that will resonate with their fans. Additionally, they have consistency in the style of edits which they use when posting for specific games. An example of this can be seen here and here. The PSG digital team chooses a specific format and style for different games. By doing so they are able to create exciting and personalized content for each of their games. This allows them to diversify their feed and draw their fans in through authentic storytelling. PSG has a consistent brand personality throughout its various social media accounts. Due to their massive following, they have accounts in various languages on Twitter which all demonstrate the same brand personality. This can best be seen through this Tweet in English and this Tweet in French. These tweets take the same exact brand voice, and the only difference is the language which they use. This demonstrates how PSG has created a consistent brand personality regardless of where you find them on social media.

In addition to this brand personality, PSG also uses eye-catching creative in order to support their brand. This is primarily done through graphic templates used on Twitter throughout games. An example of this graphic can be seen here. PSG uses graphics to emphasizes their player’s on-field success which drives the consumption of their social media accounts by fans. Additionally, PSG uses videos to engage with its fans in a creative manner. This can best be seen by this video they used on Twitter. PSG also uses creative through their stories to build their brand. This can best be seen by the recent jersey announcement linked here. Through this innovative digital experience, PSG was able to launch their new jerseys and build their brand through a creative digital experience. These videos are used to strengthen the storytelling of the PSG brand in an authentic manner and further build the brand in an authentic manner

One area where PSG could improve their social media branding could be with their interaction with fans. PSG doesn’t interact with their fans on social media often. PSG should consider interacting more often with their fans in order to further develop their brand personality and build an authentic relationship with their fans through social media.

If I were to only look at the PSG social media accounts the five words I would use to describe their brand would be consistent, bold, authentic, striking, and distinct. PSG has created a brand on social media that demonstrates that they are unlike any other sports organization. This can be seen through this picture from a game and this video. They utilize consistent creative that creates a bold and distinct brand on social media. This allows for PSG to grow their global following due to the fact that no matter where you find them in the digital space, they have an authentic and consistent brand.

It can be seen from here that PSG strategically uses storytelling in order to build their brand in an authentic manner. As a global brand, it is critical for PSG to show up consistently on all social media platforms to grow their brand and demonstrate who they are to their fans.